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TAF/AIA Amarillo Annual Scholarship Fund

AIA Amarillo Scholarship* [All 8 Schools]

Endowed by AIA Amarillo in 2010, this scholarship has been made available to a deserving, upper-level undergraduate or graduate student from the AIA Amarillo Chapter area.


2020-2021 Grace Ann Shanks (Amarillo) Texas Tech
Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Recipient. ($2,000)

This year, the $2,000 scholarship was made possible, in part, through a matching grant from the AIA Component Scholarship Program.

I would like to thank the AIA Amarillo Chapter for giving me the AIA Amarillo Chapter Scholarship. I am going into my last semester of undergrad, as a Fourth Year at Texas Tech, and the money from your scholarship will allow me to pay for the remainder of my time at Texas Tech.

I am a member of the Amarillo community and graduated from Amarillo High School back in 2017. It was during my time at Amarillo High that I took a drafting class and was introduced to the amazing world of architecture. During my time at Texas Tech I have been a member of the Chi Omega: Kappa Zeta Chapter and have served in many leadership positions within the chapter, as well as being apart of Tau Sigma Delta and I am currently the Vice President of AIAS for the 2020-2021 School Year. Last summer I had the pleasure of working at Shiver-Megert and Assoc. in Amarillo and thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there. My experience there allowed me to learn more about architecture and how architects work in an office setting to accomplish their goals. This past Spring Semester I had the privilege of studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain and had plans to study abroad this summer in Montreal. I intend to graduate in December of 2020 and hope to work at a firm, learning as much as I can about the discipline and beginning my NCARB hours before beginning a graduate program.

I am the youngest of three girls and the daughter of a Mechanical Engineer, who used to work at Zachry Engineering and the money from this scholarship is more appreciated than you could ever know. My father was laid off from Zachry at the beginning of my collegiate journey and the fiscal sacrifices my parents have had to make on my behalf to allow me to complete the education I desired are immense. This scholarship means very much to me because it has allowed me to pay them back a sum of what they have invested in me. Thank you so much for investing in me and my future and I cannot wait until I am able to give back to the Amarillo community. 

Thank You,
Grace Ann Shanks

2019-2020 Taylor Marlow Lancaster (Amarillo) Texas Tech

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Recipient. ($2,000)

This year, the $2,000 scholarship was made possible, in part, through a matching grant from the AIA Component Scholarship Program.

Thank you very much for your generous scholarship. It will greatly help me continue in my architectural education here at Texas Tech University. My interest in architecture began as a young girl growing up in Amarillo, Texas. I had always hoped to go to architecture school and I'm so fortunate to be able to follow my dreams. I graduated Cum Laude with my Bachelors in Architecture last August from Texas Tech University and I am currently finishing up my second semester of graduate school while also pursuing a certificate in Digital Design and Fabrication. During my time at Texas Tech I have been an intern for over two years at a local architecture firm. I try to absorb as much knowledge as I can from my mentor who has been one of my biggest inspirations. I am also a member of AIAS and the college's Tau Sigma Delta sorority and fraternity. Upon graduating with my masters I plan on completing my internship and beginning my journey to becoming a licensed architect. I want to focus my designs on sustainable architecture. I think the future of architecture should stray from just function and aesthetic, and add focus to our earth. I would love to see buildings become more climate responsive and more sparing with our energy; I feel that I can have the most impact on our planet's health as an architect.

The scholarship will tremendously help my family as the tuition, books, and numerous art supplies add up fast on a middle-class family budget. My parents do everything they can to ensure I get the degree I have always wanted, along with helping five other siblings financially and this scholarship helps a lot.

I am honored by your confidence in my abilities, and with the support of your scholarship I will be able to develop further toward my goals to serve in the profession. Again, thank you for your generosity.

Sincerely yours,
Taylor Marlow Lancaster
2018-2019 Mitzy Belen Gonzalez (Amarillo) Texas A&M

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Recipient. ($1,000)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in funding the Amarillo Chapter/AIA Scholarship.  I am very honored to be the recipient of this award.

Born in the U.S. and raised in Mexico, I am a Environmental Design major with a minor in Architectural Fabrication and Product Design, with a GPA of 3.8.  My goal is to complete my degree here at Texas A&M University in 2020 and then continue with my graduate studies in architecture.  I plan to pursue a career in set design.  My interest in this field began from my involvement in dance since I was three-years-old.  Particularly now that I am an architecture student, I would like to merge these two disciplines.

Thanks to you I am a step closer to my goal.  By awarding me the Amarillo Chapter/AIA Scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to get out of my comfort zone and be able to study abroad this upcoming Fall in Barcelona, Spain.  Your generosity inspire me to hopefully one day I can be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.


Mitzy Belen Gonzalez

2016-2017 & 2017-2018 Zane Robles (Pampa) Texas Tech

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Recipient. ($1,000)

Zane was also our 2016-2017 Recipient. ($1,000)

I am grateful for your confidence in my abilities and take courage through your support.  I hope that through your belief in me I will bring great benefit to the world of architecture in the near future.

Again, thank you for your generosity.

2014-2015 Wendy Weatherly (Amarillo) Texas A&M Univ.

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Recipient.

This year, our $1,000 scholarship increased to $1,500. Wow!
AIA Amarillo is grateful to the AIA Component Scholarship Program. 
Its assistance greatly enhances AIA Amarillo's ability to support our future architects' educations.

I am incredibly honored to have received this scholarship from the AIA Amarillo Chapter.  Thank you for everything you have done to make this opportunity available to me.


Wendy Weatherly

2013-2014 Reese Allan Scarborough (Tulia) Texas Tech

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Recipient.


This year, our $1000 scholarship was made possible, in part, through an AIA Component Matching Grant.

2012-2013 Julie Huynh (Amarillo) UT Austin

Congratulations to our 2012-2013 Recipient.


This year, our $1000 scholarship was made possible, in part, through a matching grant from AIA Scholarships.





As I reflect on what have learned in architecture school, I realize that I have not only gained the opportunity to propose design as a solution to problems, but also an expansive number of ideas on how to think - not what to think.

2011-2012 Royce Perez (Hereford) Texas Tech

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 Recipient.


Thanks to generous donations from our membership, this $1000 scholarship was the first awarded by our chapter.



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