AIA Amarillo is served by Member Volunteers:
You may Volunteer to sit on any of these Committees:


Nominating Committee                  (Active Oct 13 - Nov 10 only)
By-Laws Committee                       (Standing)
Special Events Committee             (Standing)
Design Awards Committee             (Standing)
Scholarship / TAF Committee         (Standing)
Audit Committee                             (Standing)
Continuing Education Committee   (Standing)


You may Volunteer yourself or Nominate another member to fill any of these Officer positions:


VP of Development          (2020-2021)              (Vacating)

Society Board Director     (2020-2021)              (Vacating)

President Elect                 (2021-2022)              (Vacating)

Secretary                          (2021-2022)              (Vacating)

Treasurer                          (2021-2022)              (Vacating)

Associate Director            (2021-2022)              (Vacating)

Volunteer submissions for Officer Positions will be forwarded to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate or slates of Officers. You may submit nominations using the form at the bottom of the HOME page.  Nominations will also be allowed from the floor at the Fall Business Meeting.


Members nominated from the floor must be present at the Fall Business Meeting, so an agreement to serve may be secured prior to a vote.

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