The American Institute of Architects chartered the Texas Panhandle Chapter of the AIA on August 15, 1946. The seven charter members were transferred from the North Texas Chapter of the AIA. Five were from Lubbock, and two were from Amarillo. By April of 1947, chapter membership had already grown to fifteen: seven from Lubbock, seven from Amarillo, and one from San Angelo.


As Texas chapters continued to grow and reorganize, by late 1958, total membership of the Texas Panhandle Chapter was 55. The Lubbock Chapter was then chartered with 31 members, and the Texas Panhandle Chapter remained in Amarillo with its 24 members.


The Texas Panhandle Chapter was incorporated in 1968 in the State of Texas, originally to:


"provide for the support of an educational and scientific under-

 taking by aiding and furthering the study of architecture; to

 aid in the research of methods and materials in construction;

 to provide scholarship funds for worthy students; to aid in

 providing continuing education for practicing architects; and to

 receive, manage and expend funds and property to carry out

 such activity."


The chapter in Amarillo continued to be called the Texas Panhandle Chapter until the Spring of 1979, when its membership voted on, and AIA approved of, changing the name to the Amarillo Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.


The chapter is now known simply as AIA Amarillo, with a 2018 total membership of 45, including 1 Architect Fellow Emeritus, 5 Architects Emeritus, 31 Architects, and 8 Associate members.


AIA Amarillo members are licensed architects and emeritus architects, examination candidates, and intern architects. Each is a member of both the American Institute of Architects and the Texas Society of Architects.

AIA Amarillo is served by volunteers.

Our 2018 Volunteer Officers are:

President:                                           Melissa Walker, AIA

President Elect Pro Tem:                      Wendy Weatherly, AIA

VP Development:                                Tony Fazzone, Assoc. AIA

Secretary:                                          Kim Hooker, AIA

Treasurer:                                          Amber Buscarello, AIA

Continuing Ed Coordinator:                  Sarah deGrood, AIA

Scholarship Coordinator:                     Jim Doche, FAIA

Associate Director Pro Tem:                 Dan Purdy, Assoc. AIA


Director, Texas Society of Architects:   Charles Lynch, AIA

AIA Amarillo • PO Box 15107 • Amarillo, TX 79105

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